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When transmitting data or conducting power in harsh environments, protecting your cables is crucial and this is where reliable and trustworthy armored cables come into play. TSGW armored cables are manufactured on modern galvanising lines and flattening machines equipped with the latest technology for superior quality.

Cable Armor Wire finds utility in industrial applications - often in cable trays and raceways. The wire is used primarily in underground cables to provide mechanical protection and also to earth the leakage current.

  • 4 X 0.80 mm Flat Cable Amour
  • Round Cable Armour, sizes 1.40 mm, 1.60 mm, 2.00 mm, 2.50 mm, 3.15 mm and 4.00 mm wires
  • Tata Steel has developed custom-made steel chemistry to consistently meet resistivity requirements.
  • All TSGW cable armor manufacturing facilities are geared to meet different coil weight requirements of customers.

Major electricity boards such as Tata Power, Torrent Power, and Reliance Power, as well as various infra companies, use cable armor wires manufactured by TSGW.

Cable Armour wires are manufactured as per IS 3975 & BS EN 10257- 1998 to meet the exact standards of the cable industry in terms of diameter, mechanical properties, zinc coating and resistivity. All Tata Wires units of operation adhere to strict quality parameters and are ISO certified.
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