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A gabion is a cage, cylinder or a basket filled with rocks, concrete, sand or soil used to stabilise banks against erosion and/or direct the flow of water. Gabions made with Tata Wire GI are durable, resilient and offer better value to customers versus gabions made of regular wires.

Used in civil engineering, military applications, construction and road building among others, gabions are also being used in landscaping and interior design. For erosion control, a caged riprap is used while foundational construction utilises cylindrical metal structures. In the military, sand-filled gabions are used to protect deployed soldiers. Gabions also serve an aesthetic purpose with designers using them to create rugged and natural accent walls.

  • Durable and resilient, gabions conform to subsidence.
  • Ideal for modular construction.
  • Offer permeability and free drainage.
  • Can be filled with recycled materials and/or waste from construction projects.

All Tata Wires units of operation adhere to strict quality parameters and are ISO certified.
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