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Tata Wiron produces one of the best quality wires in the world, having very high order of uniformity in tensile strength, close size tolerances, and long life.

Pre-stressed concrete wires find extensive usage in concrete reinforcement of electric poles, pre-stressed concrete pipes, concrete piles, railway sleepers, concrete panels for precast segment.

  • PC SR wire (plain & indented)
  • Single LRPC Wire
  • Drawn PC Wire

Tata Steel Wire Division’s PC Wires are tested for size, breaking load, tensile strength, elongation, bends, yield strength, modulus of elasticity and any other customer specific requirements.

  • Inbuilt quality checks at all stages of production i.e. steel making, rolling, wire drawing
  • Consistency in properties
  • Narrow tolerances
  • We mainly supply to electricity boards like GEB, MSEDCL etc for new lines and maintaining existing lines.
  • We also provide to various water supply projects across India.