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Tata Steel-Global Wires India’s products carry quality assurance that is superior and absolutely reliable. Tata Wiron Binding Wires is one from our range of highly dependent products. Binding wires cater to the varied needs of discerning customers who believe only in the best.

Construction, Tying rebars, and Miscellaneous binding applications.

  • We deliver in the range of 16, 18, 20, 22 & 23 in SWG (1.63, 1.22, 0.91, 0.71 & 0.61 in mm).
  • The coil weight consists of 26Kg and 30Kg packs (Pack in Pack (PIP))- 6 units of 5Kg packs
  • Consistent diameter
  • Unmatched ductility and strength
  • Hallmark of Tata quality
  • Softness: Easy to use
  • Unique & secure packaging with ease of handling
  • Higher length per kg, thus can tie more joints
  • Quicker tying, saves time