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3 mm X 3 Ply (3X3) PC Strands are used in prestressing of concrete railway sleepers. "Sleeper" is an essential and vital component of railway track. Every year, railways need about 8 to 10 million new sleepers. Wires are stranded to achieve perfect length and mechanical properties - tensile strength, proof stress, elongation and relaxation. This replaces the earlier practice of using wooden sleepers and thus saves many trees annually.

  • In-built quality checks in all stages of production - steel making, rolling and wire drawing.
  • Consistency in properties.
  • Narrow tolerances.

Various new railway lines across India and maintenance of existing lines.

  • PC strands are manufactured from high quality steel of tailor-made chemistry, drawn to achieve a tensile strength of 1800 N/mm2.
  • They are manufactured in confirmation with IS 6006 - 1983.