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Tata Wiron GI D-Fence is made of high quality zinc coated steel wire. They are extremely strong and built to last long. They offer significantly more length per kg. They are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility at Tarapur & Jamshedpur using ‘Hot Dip’ technology to ensure durability and long-lasting resistance to corrosion.

GI D-Fence

  • Withstands corrosion/rusting better ensuring longevity.
  • Uniform mesh size and wire thickness throughout.
  • Exact mesh size with no incongruency.
  • Available as compacted bundles.
  • Fixed price per bundle ensures peace of mind.
  • Pointed ends offer better protection and height.
  • Quality control at every step from iron ore and steel making to final manufacturing.
  • All wires have the brand name printed every 1 metre for easy identification.

Wire diameter: 2.50/2.64/3.00/4.00 mm
Mesh size: 2x2/3x3/4x4 inches / 60x60 mm
Mesh height: 4/5/6 ft
Bundle length: 50 ft

All Tata Wires units of operation adhere to strict quality parameters and are ISO certified.
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