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Farming Wire

With 80 percent of India’s grapes being grown on Tata Wiron Farming Wires, Tata Wiron takes pride in serving more than 1,00,000 farmers every year. This highly-durable, corrosion-proof and premium quality farming wire of uniform thickness with a uniform zinc coating strengthens the Agricultural sector of India by supporting healthy growth of creeper crops. It also comes with a printed logo at fixed intervals for easy identification.

Poultry Wire

Tata Wiron Poultry Wire is the ideal preference of poultry farmers due to intricate design that provides a healthy environment for legs and reliable durability for complete safety of the birds. Uniform and protective coating of zinc that sustains welding in the cage making process and high corrosion resistance capability in unsuitable and moist environments make Tata Wiron Poultry Wire the favourite choice of 70% of India’s layered Poultry industry.

Aayush Farming Wire

Aayush Farming Wire was conceived by Tata Wiron to empower farmers with a product that exemplifies superior strength and extended endurance. Its durability owes to the patented coating of Tashiel-1000 Aayush, while the strength is inhibited from the designing excellence, fortifying it with the capability to bear heavy loads and withstand multiple winding/non-winding actions during installation. With twice the life of Tata Wiron GI Wires, Aayush brings peace to the lives of Indian poultry farmers. Aayush Farming Wires also comes in a distinctive purple colour for easy identification.