Tyre Bead Wire

Tyre bead wire used for the reinforcement of virtually all types of pneumatic tyres such as trucks, buses, passenger cars, jeeps, OTR equipment, farm equipment, motor cycles, scooters and cycle tyres. The main function of the tyre bead wire is to act as reinforcement and it helps to get a proper grip of the tyre on the rim. The type of tyre and structure of bead rings used, determine the size of bead wire.


It is a high strength and ductility 0.78 to 2.20 mm diameter wire with modified surface and coated with copper/ bronze to get good bond with tyre rubber.


Tata Steel is India's largest manufacturer of tyre bead wire and can manufacture and supply high quality bronze coated tyre bead wires in the size range of 0.78 mm to 2.2 mm. It is possible to supply the wire in both returnable spools are well as in pallet form across India and internationally.

  • Combination of adequate strength and ductility
  • Consistency in physical properties across length
  • Uniform coating with excellent rubber adhesion properties
  • Uniform winding for trouble free unwinding during bead making process
  • Supply on ready to use spools
  • Multi layer packaging for corrosion protection during storage and transportation
  • Spools placed in cages for ease of handling and storage