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Through our CSR initiatives, we strive to address global environmental problems, while contributing towards the development of our society with programs such as Tree Plantation Drive, Tata Volunteering Week and more.

Tree Plantation Drives

  • FY17 Tree Plantation and Mango tree distribution at Gargaon Gram Panchayat.
  • FY18 Tree Saplings are distributed at nearby Gram Panchayats, Schools, TMRCT.
  • FY 19 Miyawaki Forest at Plot F8 (1500) and Kurgaon Colony (4500).
  • FY 20 Miyawaki Forest at TMRCT (4500), TWP-2 (1500), Plot F8 (500) & PWP (1500)

Miyawaki Forest

  1. Up to thirty times denser compared to conventional plantations.
  2. Up to 100 different native species can be planted in the same area.
  3. 30 Times better noise and dust reduction.
  4. Up to 30 times better carbon –dioxide absorption as compared to monoculture plantation
  5. Guaranteed growth of at least 1 meter every year.
  6. A completely maintenance-free, wild and native forest after the three years.
  7. A completely chemical fertilizer free forest that sustains itself and supports local bio-diversity.

Vermi Composting

  • GWI plants are well covered by greenery.
  • Plot A6 & F8 have STP of 100 KLD capacity.
  • 4 numbers of Vermi Composting Pit made using exiting tank not in use.
  • Vermi compost ready to use as manure after 60 Days.

Installation of RO based Zero Liquid Discharge Plant at Plot A6

  1. WRM-W and SSP (Plot F8) is a Zero discharge plant. TWP-1 and TWP-2 (Plot A6) discharge effluent to CETP @450 CMD.
  2. To reduce effluent discharge to CETP to Zero by installing RO and ZLD plant of capacity 480 CMD , Best suitable Technology of PTRO, WHE and ATFD finalised.

Solar Power Plant at Kurgaon Colony

GWI planned to install 1.5 MW solar plant at Tata Steel Officers Colony and consume power at plants through Captive Open Access. Feasibility study in progress by several solar panel suppliers including Tata Power. Option of purchasing Renewable Power through Open Access is being explored as we purchase for PWP. Option for group captive solar farm in collaboration with solar plant manufacture available.